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As HotAir Network Group, we are a leader in bringing "In Room" technologies to the hospitality industry over the last 12+ years.  To more effectively address the rapidly growing technology demands of the industry we have bundled our comprehensive hospitality services under "New Look" as InRoom Connections.

As InRoom Connections you will see that our solutions are specifically targeted to a set of offerings that will dramatically simplify the technical challenges and allow our customers to address the demands of the guest.

Please visit InRoom Connections to learn more about our packages, solutions and to sign up for the IRC newsletter!

  InRoom Connections


Our Beginnings

HotAir began in 2002, installing the first client in 2003. In the early days the industry was just struggling with the "new" internet technology and even more so with the wireless evolution. The company took a year to study the trends of the internet usage in the hospitality industry. This proved to be well spent time. HotAir has led the industry in how to best provide a highly technical solution to the traveller / transient user - always aware of the next level of demand, always looking for the most cost effective "technology roadmap" for our customers.

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