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Restaurants & Hotspots

The roaming traveler is the fastest growing market for wireless. Now every gathering
location, whether a McDonalds or a five star restaurant - is expected to have wireless.

The most critical component to this solution is SECURITY. Today, so many locations,
big and small, are setting up basic wireless networks that offer connectivity - but most
importantly are not secure - every guest can see the other guests most critical information,
pictures, files, and passwords!

  • PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS - Professional solutions don't have to be costly, for as little at $30/month HotAir can provide a complete network solution, with the "legal" disclaimer, guest support, and logging to ensure that each guest is protected and "losses" can be avoided.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? The HotAir solution actually operates securely on your existing network. Each "Guest Access Point" is securely managed from our NOC. When a guest connects they are taken directly to a registration page where they can register. Each device is isolated from all other devices on your network.
  • WHAT IF THERE IS A PROBLEM? If something isn't working, there's a good chance we are already on the phone working the problem! If not, of course there is 24x7 guest and back office support.
  • ARE THEIR DIFFERENT BUSINESS MODELS? Yes, HotAir offers similar models to our hotel solution. The venue can purchase the equipment and services and make it available to their guests by password, or require the guest to create an account, pay with credit card; any number of models are available - based on the type of venue and the amount of utilization.
  • WHAT ABOUT PRINTING? With all this capability to connect, the next critical funciton is printing, with HotPrint the office can be setup to allow¬† guests, as well as other wireless clients to print to network based printers.

Contact us at 877.464.4742 for more details!

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