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Marinas & Mobile Travel Parks


The Marinas and Travel Parks are a combination of all the challenges of the hotels, timeshares and resorts. The physical layouts are so diverse, the length of stay varies from hours to months, the communication with the guest is often very complex - there is no dial "0" from the room. HotAir understands all these challenges and can build the right business and technical solution for your environment, today!

  • THE PHYSICAL LAYOUT IS DIFFERENT - In the marina, the wireless noise is "overwhelming", your marinas solution
    must be the best, simpliest, and most hospitiable, while,
    in the travel park the geogrpahy and dispersment is a major physical challenge. In both cases the solution has to be engineered to meet the demands of the envionrment.
  • THE GUEST IS ACTUALLY DIFFERENT - Similar to the Timeshare/Resort - these guests are often at the site for extended periods, not one or two days, therefore at the site
    the guest HAS to be connected, or they lose multilpe days.
  • THE GUEST "PARTY" IS DIFFERENT - The typical hotel, a business person is travelling alone - in the nicest water
    or land yacht if the kids don't connect, the dream vacation
    can become a Nightmare!

HotAir has the ANSWER!

Just like the timeshares - HotAir understands the technical
challenges of the "open" marina, or the "spread out" park, and
the "heightened" importance of the guest, and guest family connection...
HotAir packages the entire solution into the right plan for each location!

Contact us at 877.464.4742 for more details!

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