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Time Shares & Resorts

While looking and acting like the general hospitality market - Timeshares and Resorts are dramatically different! Most often one or both of the following will distinguish a Timeshare / Resort property from the typical hotel -

  • THE OWNERSHIP MODEL IS DIFFERENT - The timeshare is owned by 52 X the number of units, so the decision process is very complicated and VERY long - HotAir understands this and offers a business solution that allows a management company or board to "Take Action!" and get their guest network installed and operational.
    timeshare / resort model is an upscale, often
    1,500 sq. ft. or larger layout, often with “lock outs”,
    and it is rare that a resort has less than 5
    buildings, and often the site is 20+ structures -
    HotAir specializes in ENGINEERING the
    technical solution, not just trying to make the
    single motel box building approach expand to a
    guest in a hotel is often a one or two night guest.
    Thewireless, like other amenities are often
    "managed",i.e. if the guest can connect ONE night
    then they will Make Due... but at a resort, most stays are 7 nights - that guest HAS to be connected, or they lose a week!
  • THE GUEST "PARTY" IS DIFFERENT - The typical hotel, a business person is travelling alone - in a resort they have their Entire Family - if the kids don't connect, the dream vacation can become a Nightmare!

HotAir has the ANSWER!

With 20+ major, full size resorts in our inventory, with 600 to 1,200 rooms per resort HotAir understands the business challenges, the technical challenges, and the "heightened" importance of the guest, and guest "party" connection... HotAir packages the entire solution into the right plan for each resort!

Contact us at 877.464.4742 for more details!

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