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Wireless is an everyday part of the business community. Being able to wireless connect to the office is the most heavily utilized wireless technology. Today professionals connect with multiple devices, most often their desktop is hardwired, but their Ipad, Iphone, Android tablet, all are available to connect to the office - BUT - security is the key.

  • WHAT ABOUT OUR VISITORS The business wireless is complicated by the office client or the business traveler - entering the environment, wanting to be connected, and able to share information but can't be connected to the businesses network for security purposes.
  • HotAir HAS THE ANSWER! Our professionally installed wireless networks allows remote management, support and repair of the network without compromising the integrity of the office network. Connections for "secure" devices can be configured to access all the features of the network while the visitor can only connect to the public network to gain access to the internet.
  • SUPPORT IS THE KEY! The typical business doesn't have the staff to setup or control a wireless network. But, HotAir can remotely manage all the connections, support the guest than can't connect and deploy new equipment to be installed in the event of a failure - all without involving the office staff
  • REMOTE PRINTING IS THE NEW "MUST HAVE" With all this capability to connect, the next critical function is printing, with HotPrint the office can be setup to allow guests, as well as other wireless clients to print to network based printers.
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